Kaffee | Single Origin

Alaka Wine Process


Curious to explore novel coffee processing techniques, nine skilled young farmers, managing an average of six hectares each, experimented with a new technique called Wine Process.

This innovative method was a departure from the norm. They intentionally delayed cherry picking, allowing the fruit to become overripe on the trees. This demanding approach requires precise timing to prevent any spoilage that might taint the flavour. When the cherries reach a raisin-like consistency, they are picked and dried like natural coffees.

Thanks to the dedication and meticulous efforts of these farmers, the outcome surpassed expectations. The resulting coffee boasts a delightful array of fruity notes – from the sweetness of strawberry and watermelon to the refreshing tones of red grapes and lemon, all underscored by a hint of lavender. An exceptional choice for a fruity filter coffee.

CHF 17,00 als Abo verfügbar