Andres Diego José


Andres Diego José

Country Guatemala
Region Hueheutenango
Producer Andres Diego José
Varietal Bourbon, Caturra & Cataui
Process washed
Profile lemon, cranberry, lavender & sweet


Huehuetenango is world renowned for high quality coffee, making it a tough region of Guatemala to compete in. Andres Diego José is a first-generation coffee producer in Aldea Chanquejelve, in Huehuetenango. Andres start in coffee has been rocky. Unable to find a good market, he had to sell to local buyers at low prices. However, his is hard work is paying off! The quality of his coffee has found it’s way to the specialty market, which he says has emboldened him. This coffees unique profile stood out in our Guatemalan cuppings this year, and is a tribute to Andres Diego José’s dedication to coffee.  

CHF 11.00