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The Anserma Cooperative has 2,083 associated coffee growers who cultivate excellent quality coffee. In order to generate more income these small producers also grow crops like sugarcane and bananas. The cooperative is led by the new General Manager Luis Miguel. He has introduced new technologies and is eager to shift towards specialty coffee production. Anserma has started to experiment with producing naturals. To start this project they selected a few local producers who are known for high quality.
A benefit for members of cooperatives is that experiments can be conducted without putting the risk on the producer. They invested in a coffee drying boxes that can regulate temperature and humidity when drying the coffee. These boxes were pioneered in Colombia, they try to combat the extremely challenging and ever-changing daily climates in the Colombian Andes.
This particular experiment used the Castillo variety. After careful sorting the coffee cherry is put in the drying box where it is dried at 35 – 40 centigrade for 100 – 120 hours. The boxes create an environment which allows specific microbes to flourish. This gives the coffee its unique aroma profile.

This coffee is ideal for a filter coffee but also works as a bright espresso.

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