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Beloya breaks away from the traditional natural processed coffee profiles, displaying characteristics common to anaerobic processing. As more producers and washing stations enter specialty coffee, unique processing methods are a new way to stand out among the increasing number of sellers. One of those newer processing methods is anaerobic fermentation.  

Anaerobic fermentation occurs in sealed containers. The seal means the microbes fuelling fermentation quickly consume all the oxygen in the container. At that point, the environment becomes anaerobic (without oxygen). In this new environment, the microbes that typically breath oxygen have a harder time surviving and those that flourish on carbon dioxide (the typical byproduct of oxygen-breathing microbes) are able to dominate fermentation.

Microbes are immensely diverse and have the potential to produce a wide array of flavours in coffees. Aerobic (oxygen-breathing) microbes produce different flavour outcomes than anaerobic ones, so we have the potential to produce vastly different flavours simply by changing the available resources for microbes.

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