Country Honduras
Region Corquin, Copan
Producer Carlos Alfredo Estevez
Varietal Lempira
Process washed
Profile pineapple, kiwi & cocoa nibs


Carlos' parents cultivated various different crops in their lifetime, from sugar cane to tobacco, riding waves of price fluctuations until they eventually settled on coffee farming, which for their generation was fairly profitable. Having seen the success of the micro-lot projects, Carlos decided to buy new land and invest in farming coffee again. He found land in the higher lands in the area, all above 1450masl, where coffee quality is higher. Carlos grows caturra, lempira, parainema and Ihcafe 90, some of which was recently planted and some was already growing when he bought the land. This coffee was macerated for 40h before being dried on raised beds in the Aruco wet mill area for around 35 days. This slightly lighter maceration accentuates the acidity and adds a delicate tropical fruit layer.

CHF 11.80