Diego Samuel

special edition

Diego Samuel

Country Columbia
Region El Tambo, Cauca
Producer Diego Samuel
Varietal Gesha
Process washed
Profile rhubarb, peach & custard


Diego Samuel and his family are dedicated to processing and producing high-end specialty coffee. They built their own lab on the farm to better understand their farm and coffees. They devised fertilisation programs for the specific necessities of their trees, and have developed advanced fermentation and washing techniques, using self collected micro-organisms. Diego has even developed his own environmentally friendly driers that work on a condensation principle. These experiments and the novel approach to coffee have paid off, winning several awards. Gesha is the most sought after varietal in the world. It’s exact origin is still clouded in mystery, however it’s potential is undisputed. This coffee is a testament to Gesha’s potential.

CHF 20,00