Dolores Arvalo


Dolores Arvalo

Country Peru
Region Amazonas
Farm Yungasuyo
Varietal Pache, Catimor, Costa Rica
Process natural
Profile cherry & chocolate


Dolores Concepcion Visalot Arvalo farm is located in the green hills of Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Peru. She is a member of JUMARP, and part of the Mujeres Program. The program (Mujeres Spanish for ‘women’) seeks to improve social and economic standing for the female members of JUMARP. JUMARP noticed that women were typically only involved in the cooperative peripherally, especially when it came to decision making. To increase women’s participation, they identified barriers to women’s active participation and then began implementing steps to get women more involved. Arvalo receives technical and financial support from the cooperative and has participated in various agricultural and coffee quality improvement workshops through the programme. We are proud to offer this micro-lot under her name. Arvalo uses no pesticides or herbicides on her farm, and her production is certified organic. During the harvest season, she selectively harvests the cherry by hand, with the help of her family. She takes care to harvest only ripe, red cherry, revisiting each tree several times throughout the harvest season. This coffee is especially unique as it is natural processed, something that is still very rare in Peru.

CHF 9.50