Kaffee | Single Origin



This coffee is the micro-lot from the Daye Bensa cooperative, made up of 279 farmers from the Keramo village area in Bensa , Sidama. This lot has been named “Duwancho” after a fruit found in the region, because of its incredibly fruity cup profile. This lot, like many of the microlots produced by Daye Bensa, are small, limited productions, enabling them to really home in on quality over volume.

Daye Bensa is a community-focussed business that aims to deliver additional bonus payment to the farmers based on the volume they contribute to their station micro-lots, and they reward consistency in both volume and quality to their farmers year after year. They also run an out-growers program that benefits farmers with an off-season payment on top of the harvest fee and have been active in working to improve the farmers’ living situations and standards, with healthcare access, utilities, education and transport infrastructure.

As soon as the coffee is received at the washing station it gets sorted by floating for quality and density. Floaters (under ripes) are separated from the ripe cherries. The ripe cherry is then moved to African raised beds and dried from 13-15 days. The coffee is turned at short regular intervals on the beds to ensure drying is uniform, resulting in consistent quality within the lot.

This coffee is best for lovers of fruity filter coffees but also works as a bright espresso.

CHF 18,00