Kaffee | Single Origin

La Montana


The Cajamarca region holds a lot of potential for high quality coffee, with ideal growing conditions and great varieties. Quality is often lost in picking, processing, and drying, with producers lacking infrastructure and knowledge. A shift in the approach to sourcing coffee in the region has allowed green coffee suppliers and farmers to build long term relationships. These relationships give farmers the support and knowledge needed to cater for the individual needs of the farm.

Eli Chilcon together with his wife own a 4 hectare farm, La Montana. They produce Caturra only. The farm‘s altitude of 1800m is ideal for growing great coffees, however climate change is taking its toll. Droughts and temperature fluctuations are becoming more regular. With support theyhave been able to take measures to mitigate many of the problems. This has resulted in this outstanding cup quality.

This coffee is ideal for an espresso but also works as a mellow filter coffee.

CHF 14,00 als Abo verfügbar