Country Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Farm La Lima
Varietal Bourbon & Caturra
Process washed
Profile berries, sweet & juicy


Maria Ordoñez is a second-generation coffee producer in the town of Aldea El Pajal in Huehuetenango region. Each day after the picking the cherries were depulped and fermented for 24 hours. Maria processes her coffee with double soaking method where after the first fermentation the coffee is being washed and futher soaked for another 18 hours more. La Lima is named after the lime shade trees planted on the farm. “When I was a child and the plot was still owned by my father, we used to cut oranges and limes to sell them at school to cover some expenses. When my father left he recommended me to conserve these trees because they were very important to our family when playing such a vital role in our survival”, Maria explains.

CHF 10.00