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Peru is the largest exporter of organic Arabica coffee globally. With extremely high altitudes and fertile soils, the country has great potential for specialty coffees. Farmers in Peru usually process their coffee on their own farms using the Fully washed method. Traditionally, smaller farmers would use tarps laid on the ground or under the roof of their homes. In the last 10 years there has been a big improvement in the cup quality, as farmers have received more support through cooperatives. The results have been amazing.

Maximandro Torres Sanchez owns 4 hectares of land in San Antonio, Huabal. He mostly grows catuai variety due to the productivity and cup quality of the variety. This year Maximandro has processed all of his coffee as naturals, which has greatly improved the cup quality and his profitability as a coffee farmer. Maximandro first washes his coffee with fresh water, pre-ferments the cherry overnight and then places it to dry on raised beds. 

Stoll has been buying Peruvian naturals for the last few years and we see a steady improvement. This year is the best we have tasted. Maximandro’s coffee is fruit heavy and complex, it makes a fantastic funky espresso or dessert like cappuccino.

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