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Nano Challa

Nano Challa
Deep in western Ethiopia’s Jimma zone, past the town of Agaro, lies Genji Challa. A small administrative zone that took its name from
a person called Challa – once the governor of this area. The farmers who established Nano Challa – one of the most successful coop-
eratives in the area – chose this name as a sort of challenge or goal for themselves. Challa meaning is “we’ll do better than the rest of Challa”.
Jimma was an area that had become synonymous with “Jimma 5”, a
low quality natural processed commercial type of coffee that fetches
minimal prices on the internal and international market. Members
of Nano Challa set themselves to change that. They formed the group
in order to foster unity and to find good buyers for their coffees, alleviating debt and improving standards of production. 
Most of the Nano Challa farmers have 2 to 3 hectares of land, a
few have smaller plots, and some have larger ones. The land – being close to the cradle of coffee – is perfect for growing coffee trees,
with most plots at altitudes between 1850 to 2100 meters above sea level. This Limu Grade 1 has all the desired attributes of the region
in the cup, it’s bright, clean, and juicy. Great for a complex “washed” espresso or filter!

CHF 14,00