Njau Wahinya


Njau Wahinya

Country Kenya
Region Ruiru, Kiambu
Farm Tuniuru
Varietal SL28
Process Washed
Profile Black currant & floral


Njau Wahinya’s 2.5 hectare farm produces a beautiful example of a Kenyan coffee. It is best enjoyed as a filter coffee or for lovers of acidity driven espresso. 

Kenyan coffees are mostly fully washed, and dried on raised beds. The country has a reputation for high quality and attention to detail at its many washing stations. The best factories employ stringent sorting practices when the receive the coffee cherries, and many of them have had the same management staff in place for years.

More than 600,000 smallholders farming fewer than 5 acres compose 99% of the coffee farming population of Kenya. Their farms cover more than 75% of total coffee growing land and produce nearly 70% of the country’s coffee. These farmers are organised into hundreds of Farmer Cooperative Societies (FCS), all of which operate at least one factory. The remainder of annual production is grown and processed by small, medium and large land estates. Most of the larger estates have their own washing stations.

CHF 14,00