Wellars Karangwa


Wellars Karangwa

Country Rwanda
Region Gakenke District
Station Muhondo
Varietal Bourbon
Process natural
Profile chamomile, tonka & stone fruit


In recent years, more and more small farmers from the Muhondo region have been investing in coffee. Jean Nepomuscene Habyarimana started as a farmer in 2008, 5 years later he and a partner bought the Muhondo Washing Station. The washing station is located in Gakenke District, in the northern region of Rwanda. It is the largest and oldest of the three washing stations belonging to the Muhondo Coffee Company.

Wellars Karangwa runs the Muhondo Washing Station. The station is one of the few in the country that uses Drying Shelves. Divided into three shelves each, the coffee dries slowly and are protected from direct sunlight and rain. The processing and the quality of the coffees are impressive and as a result, in 2014, Muhondo was won first place in Cup of Excellence.

CHF 10.20